Home-Grown Energy

Helping communities provide for themselves through sustainable resources.

Our Mission

Heritage’s goal is to develop renewable and sustainable energy projects to power the country from businesses to residences to mobility. By doing this, we will be able to ensure a clean, healthy future for generations to come.

Common Sense to Combat Climate Change

Addressed to the inhabitants of America, and the world, from our Founder and Chief Executive.

Our Impact

Heritage Sustainable Energy, LLC is Michigan’s leading provider of clean renewable energy. We work closely with landowners, local communities, local government, contractors and utility companies to build, operate and maintain solar, wind & hydrogen facilities that achieve the most cost-effective, renewable energy generation for our customers.


Renewable Energy Facilities


Renewable Energy Produced Since 2004

(Megawatt Hours)


Equivalent Homes Powered Per Year


CO2 Emissions Avoided

(Metric Tons)

In addition to clean, renewable, homegrown energy, Heritage’s solar and wind facilities generate millions of dollars in local communities through contracts with local businesses, local tax revenues, royalty revenue to landowners and new jobs.

Operations & Maintenance


We perform regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running and prevent any costly unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure.


Our proactive approach anticipates and identifies potential issues before they become true problems. Our communications and reporting system allows our customers to make informed decisions before the problem arises.

Supplemental Services

We offer a wide array of supplemental services to support your solar or wind facilities.

We offer a full range of operations & maintenance services.

Community Driven

Communities with developing and existing solar and wind facilities, experience a burst in economic activity. Heritage contributes to the prosperity of our rural communities in many ways. For example, during the construction phases, economic activity increases substantially in the community due to purchases of materials, equipment, meals, etc, as well as rentals and subcontracts to local businesses. We strongly believe in utilizing local sources for materials and labor.

Our Projects

Type Project Location Capacity Learn More
  Pickford Pickford, MI 6.9MW  
  Mancelona Mancelona, MI 0.85MW  
  Green Lake Green Lake, MI 1MW  
  M72 West Traverse City, MI 1.8MW  
  M72 East Traverse City, MI 1MW  
  Garden Solar Garden, MI 1MW  
  Garden Wind Garden, MI 28MW  
  Fairbanks Wind Fairbanks, MI 72.77MW  
  Big Turtle Huron County, MI 20MW  
  Big Turtle 2 Huron County, MI 29.4MW  
  Stoney Corners McBain, MI 60.1MW